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CAS(ME)² Database

The main contributions of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Macro-Expressions and Micro-Expressions (CAS(ME)²) database are summarized as follows:

This database is the first publicly available database that contains both macro-expressions and micro-expressions in long videos, which facilitates the development of algorithms for spotting micro- expressions from long video streams.

All macro-expressions and micro-expressions samples were collected from the same participants in the same experimental conditions, which enables researchers to develop more efficient algorithms to extract features that are better able to discriminate macro-expressions and micro-expressions and compare the differences in their feature vectors.

The difference in AUs between macro-expressions and micro-expressions can be acquired by the algorithms tested on this database.

The database employed the combination of FACS AUs, the emotional type of the elicitation videos and participants’ self-reported emotions for each expression sample. After the expression-inducing phase, the participants were asked to watch the videos of their recorded facial expressions and provide a self-report for every expression. This procedure enabled us to exclude almost all emotion-irrelevant facial movements and obtain relatively pure expression samples. The self-reported emotions for every exression sample were also provided, they can be employed for comparison with the AUs displayed by the participants.

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