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CASME Database

Micro-expressions are facial expressions which are fleeting and reveal genuine emotions that people try to conceal. These are important clues for detecting lies and dangerous behaviors and therefore have potential applications in various fields such as the clinical field and national security. We create a database of spontaneous micro-expressions which were elicited from neutralized faces. Based on previous psychological studies, we designed an effective procedure in lab situations to elicit spontaneous micro-expressions and analyzed the video data with care to offer valid and reliable codings. From 1500 elicited facial movements filmed under 60fps, 195 micro-expressions were selected. These samples were coded so that the first, peak and last frames were tagged. Action units (AUs) were marked to give an objective and accurate description of the facial movements. Emotions were labeled based on psychological studies and participants' self-report to enhance the validity.

More information can be found in our published paper. Micro-expression is less intensive than the posed prototypical facial expression. The movement is obvious in video examples but not in a picture sequence.

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